STAR PLAST PLASTİK GIDA İNŞ. ve TİC. Limited Liability Company which started manufacturing plastic garden and home furniture in 2003 started manufacturing plastic kitchen and home essentials as of January of 2014 by changing its purpose of business activities. Star Plast shows that it is different with its plastic kitchen and home essentials while producing custom made items which are special to its clients with its latest technology machinery and pattern investment and meets customer’s after sale demands in the fastest fashion. Star Plast targets to grow 30% with the each passing year.

Star Plastfamily with their ALACA PLAST HOME COLLECTION brand aims to hold, with the products they manufacture, the customer satisfaction at the top level.  With its qualified, dynamic and experienced staff, it continues to proceed. It proceeds by increasing its capacity at its new and latest system factory that is made of 7.500 m² closed area built on a total of 10.000 m² located at the 5th Organized Industrial Zone in the July of 2014.


* To serve in international standards with our machinery and equipment suitable to the speed of developing technology. * To keep customer satisfaction above everything. * Working by standing firm on the principle of quality and customer satisfaction for production. * To realize manufacturing that aims perfection and not just qualified, experienced, and dynamic and having team spirited team to meet expectations.


* To present quality delivery at correct place and time to all are local and international customers.

* Making our company a leader in this business sector by increasing our new product scale that our company owns. *To become a sample and leading establishment focused on continues growth with authorities and personnel who have made it their principle to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level possible.* To increase employment with our employees by standing firm on the subject of respect for people and company. * To become a brand that the people look for in local or foreign markets with continuous customer demands.